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My name is Ricki Smith & I am the creator of RIX Fitness.  I am a mom who found her love for exercise through group fitness. I received a bachelors degree in Exercise Science with a minor in business. Over 10 years ago, I certified in my first group fitness format. From there, I went on to receive my group fitness certification through AFAA. I was a Guru with High Fitness where I traveled North America presenting the High Fitness format to fitness conventions and led trainings to certify new instructors. In 2020, I started RIX and have never looked back.

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Story of RIX

I wanted a way to connect to instructors and give them a one stop shop for all things instructing. RIX Fitness is a hub for fitness instructors where they can come and learn and unlock their full instructor potential. I started off by creating the first RIX format, Cardio Fuse. Shortly after Fuse, we added the RIX Step certification. The fun continues into 2024 with our new LEAD program. LEAD takes an even deeper dive into instructing that is designed for the new and experienced instructor. I want ALL instructors from ALL formats to feel comfortable and learn something from RIX whether that is through certifying in the RIX formats or benefitting from LEAD!

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