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Are you a fitness instructor that wants to unlock your potential?

LEAD is a weekly video to elevate your instructor life! No matter how new or experienced you are, LEAD is for you! LEAD weekly videos will include hot topics, answers to questions from you, and industry experts to give you advice to level up your craft. LEAD is all about taking your skills & classes to new heights while giving you an instructor community with instructors from ALL formats! LEAD wants you to be the best instructor you can be all while balancing the other aspects of your life.

Let LEAD help keep that instructor spark bright!

NEW Episodes Every Monday


LEAD is a weekly dive into fitness instructor life. Topics ranging from skills to hot topics to field experts will be presented to elevate your craft.

You will also be given a challenge and/or tangible item to take into your week to level up your classes.


Instructors love connecting to their classes, but how much time do we take to learn more from others and how to better ourselves?  Unfortunately, we are usually too busy or exhausted to go to each others classes. LEAD will give you that instructor community you are looking for AND a way to connect to instructors teaching ALL types of group fitness.


Click the link above to join the LEAD LIFE group!

Weekly meetups will be live on Mondays at NOON MDT and available all month!

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