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*All information in the training process is intellectual property of RIX Fitness, LLC. Legal action will be taken against those using content for purposes other than preparing for your training or submitting your assessment for a Cardio Fuse.

  1. Download the two tracks below (look at Fuse File). Learn the choreography by studying the videos & Fuse Files. 

  2. Record yourself mock teaching each track just as you would for a real class. NOTE: You can mirror or choose not to in the video. Just be consistent throughout. 

    1. This is what the RIX team is looking for in your video:

      1. Do they pick up on the choreography?​​​

      2. Do they have good form?

      3. Are they exciting to watch?

      4. Can they cue?

      5. Are they intense and able to push a class?​

  3. Submit your videos at least one week before your training date.

  4. After we receive your videos, we will contact you to schedule your Zoom Review of the tracks.

  5. We will use these videos to see your progress on training day. Be prepared to showcase all three items on training day.

Assessment Videos

Assessment Videos